Saturday, January 15, 2011


Originally from South Wimbledon, London, England, Slick Rick moved with his family to The Bronx in 1975 where he met Dana Dane, later forming a hip hop duo as Kangol Crew. Rick's characteristic eyepatch was acquired after being blinded in the right eye by broken glass as an infant. He is best known for a series of rap recordings during the 1980s, including "Hey Young World", "Children's Story" and "La Di Da Di", B-side of Doug E. Fresh single "The Show" (1985).

"La Di Da Di", "Mona Lisa" and "Children's Story" are among his best known songs, with "La Di Da Di" being covered nearly word-for-word by Snoop Dogg on his 1993 album Doggystyle, and lines from "La Di Da Di" being borrowed by multiple high profile artists. "Children's Story" was sampled by Montell Jordan for his 1995 hit, "This Is How We Do It",and Everlast covered it for his album Eat at Whitey's. Eminem also borrowed from the song extensively in his diss song "Can-I-Bitch". "Children's Story" was also covered with similar lyrics by the MC duo, Black Star on their 1998 album, Mos Def and Talib Kweli are Black Star, as well as by Tricky on the album Nearly God, with the same name and lyrics.

A third album Behind Bars was recorded while still in prison, and released to lukewarm sales and reviews. Released from prison in 1998, he remained with Def Jam and on May 25, 1999 released a fourth album, entitled The Art of Storytelling, generally considered the authentic follow up to his 1988 debut. Storytelling was also an artistically successful comeback that paired him with MC's like Nas, OutKast, Raekwon, and Snoop Dogg, among others.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Nike ACG air Abrazio

The Nike ACG line has been a shining star for Nike as of late throughout both footwear and apparel design. The Air Abrazio is a trademark ACG design with a beef and robust midsole, protective toe bumper and mesh materials. Look for the Nike ACG Air Abrazio at select retailers in the near future.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Balance 577 made in UK only

Typically of New Balance, the colorway of this 577 model uses navy tones alongside grey and white accents, resulting in a classic look. The restrained style was produced in the UK, at New Balance’s most advanced factory and accordingly utilizes the brand’s finest quality suede and mesh. Whilst fans in Europe might see this colorway as nothing new, it represents the first of its kind to hit Singapore, so act fast if you’re in the area. Available now through Limited Edt.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We would like to know what you would like to see at 107 Franklin st 360 Clothing

10 Deep
Beats By Dre
Boundless New York
Chambers Clothing
Crooks and Castles
DC Life Collection
Diamond Supply co.
Famous stars and straps
Five Crown
210 Fitted
Goorin Brothers
Greedy Genius
Heavy Rotation
The Herschel Supply co.
Hot Air
The Hundreds
Insight Denim
The imaginary Foundation
Live Mechanics
Mighty HEalthy
Mitchell And Ness Nostalgia Co.
New Balance
PF Flyers
Rebel 8
Rogue Status
True Love and False Idols
Young and Reckless
Zoo York

Friday, December 31, 2010

Crooks and Castles 2011 footwear!!

Crooks & Castles just dropped a whole collection of shoes for this holiday season, and they’re all fairly dope. Glad to see a good mix of colorways & styles, Crooks always keeps it pretty fresh. Check all the shoes out after the jump.

Nike Lunar spider

To call these Nikes unique is a bit of an understatement, kind of like saying Charlie Sheen sort of likes hookers and blow… With all the color pop and contrast on the new Lunar Spiders you’ll look like you’re running even when you’re standing still or at very least you’ll convince your friends and everyone else who sees you that you’ve given up on matching.

James Bond esque GPS ski goggles

Glancing down at a personal fitness monitor while you’re skiing or snowboarding is about as smart as firing off a few texts while flying down the highway. Unfortunately, there really hasn’t been an option to track your progress while carving some slopes. The Only GPS Ski Goggles available from Hammacher Schlemmer don’t only make this possible, but will make you feel a bit like the Terminator in the process. A 2” LCD “Heads Up” display shows all sorts of performance stats right on the lens of the goggles. See the times of your runs, your max speed, the total ground you’ve covered and lots more without wiping out in the process. Even upload your data to your computer after your day is done with an included USB cable and free software. (By the way, if it isn’t obvious, the display screen is completely unobtrusive and will not block your view.) $500


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